Mayuri Indian

Whatever you are doing right now, you should stop doing that and go eat at Mayuri instead.  Mayuri isn’t just the best Indian restaurant in Tallahassee, it is among the best Indian places I’ve been to in the United States.

But let me back up a minute.

Sarah and I needed to celebrate some major achievements in the field of gardening today.  This afternoon, I declared war on a stump that was placed firmly in the middle of the plot where our new herb & vegetable garden is going to be.  Several hours later, the stump was on the rubbish pile, and we were exhausted, exhilarated, and starving.  Luckily, our awesome neighbor had poked her head over the fence in the middle of our struggles to recommend Mayuri.


Mayuri is located where Little Siam used to be  (on Magnolia just south of Apalachee).  It’s not the fanciest spot in town, but the parking is ample and there is some sort of patio arrangement in progress.  Inside, it looks like a cross between a hunting lodge and a sauna.


The food was unbelievably good.  Mayuri’s menu features a lot of South Indian dishes, all of which looked awesome as they came out of the kitchen.  They served us one of the best dosas I’ve had in years, with a delicious sambar and a coconut chutney as sides.


There were only two of us, but we ordered three curries, because that is how we roll.


I’ve never been huge on navratan korma, which is too sweet for me, but Sarah loves it, and she said that this was as good as the one she used to get at Tiffin, one of our favorite places on Devon Avenue in Chicago.  (It would have been even better with fresher vegetables, but she loved the flavor in the sauce.)  The lamb in the lamb saag was perfectly cooked, and the sauce was buttery and smooth.  My favorite was the Chettinadu chicken curry, which had a nice sharp heat in a savory sauce.

Mayuri still has room for improvement; some of the desserts on their menu were not available when we ordered them, their chai is only okay, and there was the aforementioned issue of the possibly frozen green beans in Sarah’s korma.  They also seem to be working out the kinks in their service, perhaps because they are seeing a lot of business just three weeks after opening.  But even with these problems, it is far and away the best Indian restaurant in town.  The depth of flavors was fantastic across the board, and I look forward to trying each and every one of their dosas and idlis over the next few months.  We are also intrigued to see Indo-Chinese dishes on the menu, which we haven’t tried before but are curious about.  This is, for the first time since I got to Tallahassee, an Indian restaurant that is up to the standard we were used to in Chicago.

In short, as I said before, you should go there immediately.

Update: I noticed that there are currently no menus for Mayuri online, so I thought I would post photos. Here you go:

2013-03-10 19.08.02


Mayuri Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “Mayuri Indian

  1. Eat This Tallahassee: March 2nd – March 15th | Tallahassee Food Bloggers Association

  2. interesting. We will have to try this place again. We went there when it first opened and it was a miss in my mind.

  3. I’ve heard that things were iffy for a bit right after they launched, for what is is worth. But if you want to go back, I’m up for a joint mission pretty much whenever. -Mark

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