CLOSED–Wild Greens Cafe

Tallahassee lost its best vegetarian restaurant in 2013.  R.I.P. Wild Greens.

Wild Greens Cafe is so good—like fist in the mouth, foot stompin’ good—that this post was delayed because we were too excited by the food to remember to take any pictures.  This is particularly impressive because we had already eaten here many, many times before we decided to blog a visit.


Wild Greens does upscale, vegetarian comfort food.  There is no meat on the menu but please don’t let that scare you off.  There is a very strong locavore, from scratch ethic which is rare (and very welcome) on the Tallahassee food scene.  Most of the produce comes from area farms.

It is located in the middle of Tallahassee’s Gaines Street Art District and fits in well with the indie, hipster vibe.  In fact, the restaurant is attached and overflows into the very granola Bread and Roses Food Coop.

Wild Greens stakes out some turf in the neighboring co-op for expanded seating.

Wild Greens stakes out some turf in the neighboring co-op for expanded seating.

So in other words if you can’t deal with eating amongst wan, boho, twenty-somethings wearing caps they knit themselves and discussing important social issues,*  this isn’t the place for you.  But you would be selling yourself short because Wild Greens is one of the best restaurants in town and one of the few places in Tally that I would still go to even if it were in Chicago.

Lets talk about the food.  It is stellar.  They make their own veggie burger  with eggplant, mushrooms, caramelized onions, and spicy mayo.  It is one of the top two I have ever eaten anywhere.  Mark swears by their Spicy Italian Veggie Sausage sandwich.  We recently tried their pear, blue cheese, caramelized onion, and pecan pizza which was so good it haunts my dreams.


Piquant from the blue cheese but nicely mellowed by the sweetness of pear and accented by pecan crunch.

Have I mentioned their house salad yet?  Because it is the SHIT!  A mix of butter lettuces, radishes, carrots, nuts, dried cranberries, and cheese.  Oh, and they make their own amazing salad dressing because they are just that awesome.  Similarly, they make the best collard greens in town (sans ham hock).  And their vegetarian pot-pie is stunning and loves you back.

IMG_0126 IMG_0131

Also they have great scratch baking.  Their breads, buns, pizza crusts, and desserts (basically any baked item you put in your mouth) are all made on site.

Speaking of their deserts, I’m pretty sure Mark would leave me for their chocolate mousse if it ever came to that.  I’ve had great espresso pudding, peanut butter pie, and Victory Garden Cake (basically carrot cake on steroids with no raisins because they are right thinking people).


Live music on a quiet night at the cafe.

The main dining room is very small, maybe 5 tables with some overflow tables set up in the food coop next door. Decor is minimal but cozy and nicely lit.  There is often great live music from various, high quality Tallahassee musicians. Prices are very reasonable averaging $12 per entree.

These terrariums ... mean something.

These tiny terrariums . . . mean something.

My only complaints are (1) truly questionable paintings on the walls and (2) service, though always well-meaning and sweet, can be slow (but seems to be improving every time I go).  These are only minor complaints.  You should grab your friends and go to Wild Greens ASAP.

*If you are one of the aforementioned boho, twenty-somethings please know I love you and was once one of you when I was in theatre school and dressing like a cross between a Slavic folk-dancer and a hobo.

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