Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen–CLOSED

{Update:  Angelette’s is closed, in a most disreputable manner.  We will miss the great food and wonderful service.  We hope all of the wonderful staff members land on their feet}

It’s not really in my interest to tell you how good Angelette’s is, because they already have more traffic than they can handle.  In fact, sometimes when I go there on a weekend for brunch, they are already sold out of all my favorite dishes, which makes me a sad panda.  But I’m going to do it anyway, out of the deep and abundant goodness of my heart, and because something this good just has to be shared.  You are welcome.

Angelette's, like this crocodile, celebrates all that is wonderful about Louisiana.

Angelette’s, like this crocodile, celebrates all that is wonderful about Louisiana.

Angelette’s Cajun Kitchen is hidden in a strip mall down in Southwood.  They do their best to conceal their existence from the world by eschewing all signage that is visible from a distance.*

The only thing betraying Angelette's location is the crowd of people waiting to enjoy their food.

The only thing betraying Angelette’s location from a distance is the crowd of people waiting to enjoy their food.


This tiny whiteboard is their only visible sign! Thank god that frugality doesn’t extend to the food.

None of this matters, because the food will make you feel like this:

First of all, they make the best beignets I’ve had in quite a long time.


Seriously, these things are competitive with the best I’ve had in New Orleans.  And their other breakfast dishes are also magnificent.  My personal favorite is the bananas foster french toast, which I order constantly.  They make the toast out of thick slices of crusty french bread, top it with delicious fried bananas and caramel sauce, and sprinkle spiced pecans all over the place.

IMG_0048But honestly, it is hard to go wrong with the food here.  I love their chicken & sausage gumbo, their grits, their perfect little breakfast sandwiches, and just about everything else I’ve tried there. Sadly, their coffee is diner-quality at best and they are so busy on the weekends that the wait can become unbearable at times.  The first problem seems unavoidable at present, while the latter can be dealt with by sneaking out there on weekdays instead.  Just try not to do it on any weekday that ends in a “y”, because I will probably be there myself and the whole point is to avoid the crowds, ok?

* Addendum, 12/4/2013:  About nine months after I wrote this post, Angelette’s finally decided that they should have an actual sign announcing their existence to the world. Now, if you stop by, you will see a bright red sign spelling out the word “Angelette’s,” accompanied by a pair of spiffy-looking crawfish.  That doesn’t detract from the main point above, which is that they managed to be a very successful restaurant even when they couldn’t be bothered to post a visible sign!  But it does add a touch of class to the whole affair.

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