Kitcho Sushi—My Tempura Udon One-Trick Pony

Look at the steamy goodness!

That steam rising off it is the goodness!

I don’t go to Kitcho for sushi.  I don’t go for the charming, exotic fish tank in the middle of dining room.  I don’t even go for the fancy schmancy cocktails available at your table from the Velvet Lounge next door (though I do appreciate them). I go to Kitcho to eat Nabeyaki Udon.  End of story.

I only recently realized how much I love Tempura Udon, steamy, brothy japanese noodle soup, punctuated with a few choice vegetables, and a side of delectable vegetable and shrimp tempura.  Ever since learning that Tallahassee is an Ethiopian food desert, Tempura Udon has become my go to dish when I am sick.

Unlike Mark, I have never been ruined by the transcendent experience of eating truly authentic Japanese Udon, which means I can still enjoy a decent workman-like bowl, rather than pining endlessly over my lost noodly love like some nineteenth century literary heroine.  Kitcho does the dish well.

Shrimp Tempura with Vegetable Tangles

Shrimp Tempura with Vegetable Tangles

It comes to your table in a gigantic stone bowl so hot they warn you not to touch it, but you will never listen to them.  The broth is flavorful yet light, the noodles are nicely gummy, and the shrimp tempura is succulently sweet.  I’d prefer if the vegetables were separately battered rather than cooked together in a little tangle, but they are prepared with a lighter hand than tempura I’ve had in other places in the city.  All in all, this is the best tempura udon I’ve had in Tallahassee.  And it turns out I’m not the only one who thinks so!

Other than that, they serve an old timey selection of fancy cocktails, which is enjoyable (when is the last time you had a Pisco Sour).  They also have a full menu of sushi and Japanese entrees.  Their selection and execution seem fine, but Mark has never been in love with anything he’s gotten here.  Decor is nice, flatteringly lit with a standardly “Asian” black and red color theme.  But don’t focus on any of that.  If you are craving some Nabeyaki Udon (or curious to try it) go to Kitcho.  I’ll be the sneezing, coughing white girl in the corner scarfing down a bowl with a host of undignified slurping noises.

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4 thoughts on “Kitcho Sushi—My Tempura Udon One-Trick Pony

    • Thanks! I didn’t realize you had reviewed it until I went to link the post to Urbanspoon. It made me laugh out loud when I realized we loved it for the same reason. I guess great minds really do think alike!

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