Happy Belated Easter from Citron Zest

So, we had a whole Easter meal planned, which involved a beautiful rack of lamb.  And then on the actual day, we got lazy, we procrastinated, and we ended up whipping up a quick plate of Dan Dan Noodles instead.  But here we were, a few days later, with a nice rack of lamb just sitting in our fridge, taunting us.  So I decided to finally try out an awesome technique that I am now nicknaming “Redneck Sous Vide.”  I can’t claim the credit for this one, but I can definitely put my seal of approval on the results:

2013-04-02 19.47.32

All it took was (1) sealing the meat into a vacuum bag (and if you don’t own a vacuum sealer, the link above has a low tech approach that requires only a ziplock bag), (2) putting it into a big old camping cooler full of 130F water, (3) sealing that up and waiting 90 minutes, (4) removing the meat from the bag and rubbing it down with salt, pepper, and herbs, and (5) searing it quickly in a sizzling-hot cast iron skillet.  It was astonishingly low effort, and yielded the most perfectly crusty, precisely rare lamb I’ve ever eaten.

2013-04-02 19.50.03

We threw it together with oven roasted garlic potatoes and flash fried asparagus for what was quite possibly the best Easter dinner we’ve had to date.  Except, of course, for our failure to eat it on the right day.  Maybe next year we’ll get that part right.

Happy Belated Easter to all our readers,

Mark and Sarah

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