The Soup Swift

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The Soup Swift is kind of a pain in the ass to get to, and likewise to review. They serve up a constantly rotating menu of interesting soups, salads, and sandwich offerings, so the dishes I enthuse about in this post will probably not be there when you try it out for yourself. And unless you regularly lurk at the corner of Nowhere and Electrical Plant, you probably won’t often find yourself “in the neighborhood,” so to speak. But despite these challenges, the Swift deserves to be on your roster of local lunch places, because they serve up some of the best soups and sandwiches I have had anywhere in town.

So first off, let’s discuss this location situation.

2013-06-10 11.53.35

The Soup Swift is located on a barren stretch of Miccosukee, two-thirds of the way towards Capital Circle from the center of town. There is really no reason you would be anywhere near this place unless you happen to have a gastroenterology appointment next door, and if you did you probably wouldn’t be prioritizing food anyway. What is worse is that they are only open during lunch hours, so if you develop a liking for the Swift you had better hope that your boss is understanding about your sudden need for extra-long lunch breaks. And in case you thought you might work around that by heading out on Saturday you are out of luck: This is a Monday-through-Friday-only establishment, punk.

But once you try it out, you’ll probably end up risking a long weekday lunch from time to time. There is nearly always something superlative on the menu, which is continually evolving to take advantage of the best seasonal ingredients. Take, for instance, the blueberry & chipotle pulled-pork slider I had there a few months back:

2013-06-10 12.03.34

This tasted every bit as good as it looked, with the apple slaw providing the perfect bit of tart crunch to set off the sweet, spicy meat. I’m also generally a fan of their soup offerings. If you brought a big appetite, I recommend going with a flight of three, as pictured up top. That particular trio was outstanding, with a chunky, Cuban-style black bean soup in the center, flanked by smooth and creamy bowls of sweet pea and carrot/habanero. The wheat roll came in handy for mopping up the dregs, which I was eager to do.

This isn’t to say that I’ve never been let down by the Soup Swift; the wild chanterelle quiche that they offered recently was a dry disappointment, and some of their desserts have also fallen short. On days when I order poorly, I find myself resenting the whole scene, from the long drive to the somewhat peculiar minimalist-pastel decor. But the soups are, on average, just about the best you can find in town, and there is nearly always something else interesting on the more substantial side of the menu, so it usually isn’t long before I find myself tempted back. Luckily they post their menu online every morning, so you can verify before you head out that the journey will be worth it.

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2 thoughts on “The Soup Swift

  1. The location is weird! I think it’s actually connected to the medical office next door through the door in the area where you order. It has a medco office vibe, but the soups are tasty!

  2. Great review. Enjoy your sense of humor & eye for detail. Keep up the good work. The building use to be a nursing home and his now owned by County Commissioner Desloge.

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